Download | Exciting updates in the latest version of «Dude Story»

After the initial release of «Dude Story», Mariusz "Mq" Ejchsztet presents version 1.1, marking a significant advancement in the gaming experience for Atari 8-bit enthusiasts.

One of the most noticeable improvements in «Dude Story 1.1» is the polished graphics. Ejchsztet has meticulously finished and corrected the visuals for various elements, including the pile of stones, frog, skeleton, waterfall, treasure chests, and the mesmerizing underwater world.

In addition to the visual enhancements, «Dude Story 1.1» comes packed with fixes and improvements to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Among the notable changes are bug fixes related to collecting items while jumping and incorrect music playback in certain maps.

Besides, the handling of the pickaxe has been refined, and shortcuts to collect the oar have been addressed. Players will also appreciate the improved score calculation and dialogue corrections in the Tic-Tac-Toe game, making every interaction smoother and more enjoyable.

Ejchsztet has also introduced exciting new features to enhance gameplay. Version 1.1 introduces a cheat mode, granting players nine lives and unlimited apples at the start for those seeking an extra challenge or a chance to explore the game more freely. Additionally, players will now receive a consolation apple upon losing a life, adding a touch of comfort to their daring adventures.

The journey doesn't end with completing the adventure. «Dude Story 1.1» introduces enriched dialogues and detailed drawings of treasures in the vault at the end of the game, providing a satisfying conclusion to the epic quest.

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"Mq" has also dedicated efforts to polish the English translation, ensuring that clues and dialogues are accessible to a global audience. These improvement ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the immersive storytelling and engaging gameplay without language barriers.

In summary, this update brings a set of visual and technical improvements aimed at further enriching Dude's epic adventure. With these enhancements, «Dude Story» version 1.1 stands as a must-play adventure for Atari 8-bit enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this thrilling update and embark on your next epic adventure today!

Dude Story 1.1 for Atari 8-bit computers

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