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The adventure of «Tony: Montezuma's Gold» for Atari 8-bits continues its refinement, thanks to the valuable feedback from the AtariOnline and AtariAge communities.

Since its initial demo, Vladimir "Popmilo" Janković (Serbia) and Rafał Dudek (Poland) have released nine versions, implementing significant improvements that address technical glitches and gameplay suggestions.

"Popmilo" has shared insights into the improvements implemented based on user feedback. The demo experience has been enhanced with the addition of a fire button, allowing players to skip demo parts and enjoy a smoother game introduction.

Compatibility problems have been resolved, specifically addressing an incompatibility between the RMT used for tune composition and the version employed for exporting compressed streams. Additionally, loading issues have been tackled by addressing a glitch in the file header that previously caused problems.

Visual glitches involving Tony's character, particularly during ladder climbing, have been corrected, resulting in a polished visual presentation. Moreover, some other gameplay-related issues, such as challenges with jumping over screen edges onto spikes and pixel remnants when enemies disappear, have been meticulously fixed. Additionally, the incorporation of fade-out and fade-in transitions enhances the overall gaming experience.

Driven by player feedback, changes have been implemented in response to the challenges posed by symbols for final doors. Initially available, these symbols were removed based on feedback, prompting a reconsideration of the deciphering difficulty. In response, a key-mask mechanism has been introduced for the last doors, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The long-term vision and commitment to quality foreshadow a bright future for this series in the Atari community. Regarding the forthcoming development of «Tony», Janković has announced that Atari standard keys (such as OPTION or SELECT) will be utilized for interactive controls in the final version.

The upcoming release will be disk-based, featuring a proper loader. This decision is motivated by the game's complexity, which includes multiple parts similar to the C64 version. Also, to create an even more immersive experience, new sound effects will be incorporated into the final game. The developers are actively working on coding routines to bring these sounds to life.

Regarding memory considerations, while 64KB of RAM is generally sufficient and functional in most cases, efforts are underway to ensure the final game operates on as many machines as possible without necessitating memory expansions.

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Dudek has revealed that «Tony» will be the first installment of a trilogy, adjusting the difficulty to make the experience challenging yet fair. «Montezuma's Gold» is set to be followed by subsequent titles, namely «Ark of the Covenant» and «Shimazu Masamune's Katana».

Stay tuned for new updates about «Tony», as the author's long-term vision and commitment to quality foretell a bright future for this series within the Atari 8-bits community.

Tony: Montezuma's Gold v9. for Atari 8-bit computers

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