Playable Demo of «Tony: Montezuma's Gold» for Atari 8-bits | Download

Almost a year and a half after its announcement, Atari 8-bit users can now enjoy the first playable demo of «Tony: Montezuma's Gold», a title that promises to revive the magic of exploration and adventure.

Behind this project are the talented Vladimir "Popmilo" Janković (Serbia) in the code; Rafal Dudek contributing to the concept and graphics; and Michal "Caruso" Brzezicki in charge of the music.

As previously reported on Atariteca, «Tony» stands out for its individual screens with impressive high-resolution monochromatic graphics. The game pays tribute to the explorer and former military man Tony Halik (1921-1998), born in Torun (Poland). After his courageous actions in World War II, Halik embarked on a three-decade career as an NBC correspondent, creating over four hundred documentaries.

The plot of «Tony: Montezuma's Gold» begins with an unexpected call that wakes up Halik, an experienced reporter and treasure hunter, from his sleep. Just returned from an expedition in the ancient city of Tula (Mexico), where he explored Toltec structures, Tony receives a call from Margaret, a colleague who informs him that he has been expected at the office for half an hour. Without wasting time, Tony prepares to head to the office, anticipating a new adventure.

Upon arriving at the Washington News office, Tony is greeted by the editor-in-chief, Steve, who proposes an urgent new expedition. Steve explains that the Natural History Museum has contacted an individual named Miguel, who claims to have discovered the treasure of Montezuma I but lacks scientific evidence to validate his finding. The newspaper seeks Tony, with his experience and skills, to travel to Mexico again to investigate and provide concrete evidence of this historic discovery.

Motivated by curiosity and challenge, Tony accepts the mission, preparing to embark on a quest that will delve into the mysteries of the Aztec civilization. With the promise of adventures, discoveries, and possibly unearthing one of the most sought-after treasures in history, Tony sets out on a new journey, once again demonstrating his passion for exploring the unknown and sharing his adventures with the world.

As reported by the AtariOnline portal, Rafał Dudek had been searching for a programmer for over a year to complete this game for Atari. Finally, Vladimir Janković brought the project to a playable demo, just released yesterday.

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The game is developed in bitmap mode due to character limitations on the Atari, offering high-quality monochromatic graphics. The "chasing the raster beam" technique, common in the ZX Spectrum, allows smooth movement of sprites and avoids image flickering without the need for a double buffer. "Tony" runs on an Atari with 64KB of RAM, occupying almost every free byte.

Meanwhile, on the AtariAge forum, Vladimir "Popmilo" Janković shared his pride in the game and highlighted the teamwork. He stated that the game engine is robust, and with the demo released, creating the remaining levels will be easier.

"The full game will be available soon, and the final game will be disk-based with an appropriate loader, as the game will have many parts similar to the C64 version", emphasized Janković. Additionally, there will be a special collector's edition that includes the cover created by Jerzy Dudek from the Retronics company.

This demo joins the versions already released for Commodore 64 and Amiga. Rafal Dudek emphasizes the importance of the Atari 8-bit version and encourages players to participate in this exciting adventure.

Tony: Montezuma's Gold for Atari 8-bit computers - playable demo

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  • Press the space bar during the game to change the screen color.
  • For infinite lives, press the space bar twice. You'll know the cheat worked when the small heart to the left of the word "LIVES" appears in white color.