«Chase Me», first Atari game entered in BASIC 10Liners 2024 | Download

Víctor "Vitoco" Parada (Chile) entered the thirteenth edition of NOMAM's BASIC Ten-Liners 2024, the annual competition seeking the best game programmed with a maximum of ten lines of code in BASIC.

On this occasion, Parada participates with "Chase Me," the first Atari 8-bit game in the competition. The title, written in FastBASIC 4.6 and registered in the EXTREM-256 category, challenges us to collect coins while being chased by the evil guardians, each with its own personality.

We complete the game by navigating through all the mazes, and the score depends on the number of coins collected. There is an additional bonus for the remaining lives available.

As in previous editions, participants can compete in the categories "PUR-80" (each line of code with a maximum of 80 characters), "PUR-120" (maximum 120 characters per logical line), "EXTREME-256" (maximum 256 characters per line), and "SCHAU" (for demos, tools, and non-recreational applications with a limit of 256 characters per line). Submitted programs that do not comply with the rules will be placed in the "WILD" category.

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The deadline to submit entries is Saturday, March 16th, at 6:00 PM (GMT), and the award ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 6th. To learn about other contestants, you can visit the official NOMAM's BASIC Ten-Liners 2024 page.

It is worth noting that 88 games competed in 2023; of those, only eight were games for Atari XL/XE. Standouts included "Jumpman," a unique game inspired by the classic "Super Mario Bros." (Nintendo, 1985), and "StarRunner," both by Eric "The Ecg Man" Carr. Similarly, "Vitoco" participated in the contest with "Beetles" (FastBASIC 4.6), "Coordinator" (Atari BASIC), and "Sweeper" (FastBASIC 4.6).

Chase Me for Atari 8-bit computers

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