Waves at home [video]

Gary Gilbertson nos brinda una versión acústica de «Waves», melodía que forma parte del extenso catálogo de canciones incluídas en el inmortal juego de roles Alternate Reality – The City (Datasoft, 1985).

Como reseñamos hace años atrás en Atariteca, esta canción se podía escuchar al ingresar de noche al Lost Tears Tavern.

Hay que destacar el cambio de la letra en la canción, respecto a la original:

The waves at home
are pounding on the shore
the snow here’s falling
just outside my door
and all I want’s
to be with you once more
but I’m told
that this is one
thing that I best
stop hoping for


I’m here to say
they took away from me
the happiness we
shared when we were free
I search the sky
my love return to me
I am cold
and feel alone
blind silent
this I’ve come to be

I can’t go on
like this for long
I must be strong for you
and somehow carry on

I need you close
I need you now
I need you here
I need your love

(rep. coro)

I must be strong
I must live on
and sing your song
The days are long
I need you here

I need you here with me
Come to reality
I know that you’ll agree
to hurry home to me
the way it ought to be
as soon as you are