«Goldoraktari» takes flight on Atari 8-bit computers | Video

In an exciting development for retro gaming enthusiasts, the beloved "Goldorak" project is now underway for Atari 8-bit computers.

Led by French enthusiast Eric "Titan" Cubizolle, this game draws inspiration from the iconic Japanese anime and manga series "UFO Robot Grendizer", a gem from the late '70s that, despite its popularity in Japan and the West, remained relatively unknown in other regions.

In the "UFO Robot Grendizer" universe, the villain is King Vega, whose desire to expand his empire leads him to destroy several planets, including Fleed. From this devastated planet, the prince escapes aboard a super-robot belonging to the king's army, fleeing to our solar system. He arrives specifically in Japan, landing near Mount Fuji, where he hides the robot until Earth faces a threat and needs its power. Intrigues, love stories, and more intertwine throughout the narrative.

"Goldorak" unfolds as a captivating shoot'em up game with a vertical scrolling background. Initially intended for the Amstrad GX4000 console and Amstrad CPC computers, the game mirrors the anime's storyline. Players guide the main character, escaping the ravaged planet Fleed on a mission to Earth. The goal? Defeat the tyrannical Vega by collecting scattered parts of a device in various locations.

The project gained momentum after "Titan" shared its elements: graphics, music, and story, expanding its release plans to platforms like ZX Spectrum and Sega Mega Drive. Jean-Marc Lebourg, a devoted Atari 8-bit enthusiast, decided to revive his programming skills for this endeavor. With assistance from David Lzd and Testuro for graphics and music transfer, the Atari version—provisionally named "Goldoraktari"—is quickly taking shape.

In «Goldoraktari», the plot focuses on the destruction of Alcorak by Vega's forces. Grendizer's mission is to travel to the four corners of the planet to find each piece of the destroyed device and rebuild it. During the journey, Goldorak faces numerous enemies. At the end of each level, a part of Alcorak is obtained. Once all pieces are gathered, the game can be restarted aboard Alcorak.

To defend himself, Grendizer uses the default Gamma Missiles, projected by the ship's planitrons. These missiles can be used freely and, upon hitting an enemy ship, destroy it. After three waves of enemy ships, a Golgoth positions itself among the fleet (usually in the center, at the top of the screen). Golgoths' movement and attack patterns can become more complex or combine, increasing the difficulty of finding the exact weapon to weaken and ultimately destroy them. As the game progresses, Golgoths become more resistant and challenging to defeat. The game ends with Grendizer's defeat when his energy meter reaches zero or with his victory when all Alcorak remains are found (allowing a restart of the game aboard Alcorak).

A recent video shared by Jean-Marc provides a glimpse of «Goldoraktari», showcasing elements such as the bottom panel, background scrolling, and the character avatar. The music, with StaxX's conversions, is based on the original scores by Shunsuke Kikuchi from the anime.

«Goldoraktari» represents an exciting fusion of anime narrative and classic gameplay, offering Atari 8-bit players a rich and challenging experience. With its combination of action, strategy, and an engaging story, this game is a notable addition to the Atari catalog, promising to capture the imagination of players.