Download | «Two Birds, One Stone» arrives to Atari 8-bit computers

Robert "Mark2008" Dupuy shares the first version of «Two Birds, One Stone», his first complete game for Atari 8-bit computers.

Through the AtariAge forum, Dupuy recalled that a few years ago, the popular YouTuber PolyMars issued a challenge to create a game from scratch in just 8 hours. Motivated by the trial and their own skills, two Python developers embarked on this time-bound adventure.

Encouraged by the announcement of THE400 mini, Dupuy convinced both authors to allow him to bring their game to Atari XL/XE series computers. In 24 hours, he achieved a first version, consisting of ten challenging levels.

One of the highlights of this project is the meticulous optimization carried out in the Vertical Blank Interrupt (VBI) routine, hand-written in assembly language to make the most of the machine's resources.

The future of «Two Birds, One Stone» promises to be exciting, as "Mark2008" plans to release a second version with twice the number of levels next April. Additionally, Dupuy aims for an even greater challenge: to present the final version of the game, with 25 levels, at the prestigious Atari Bit Byter User Club (ABBUC) 2024 retro contest in July.

"I plan to disable the visuals when loading character sets. I think I've made both the birds and the stone too big, making the game too easy. And I need to apply some optimizations to the character sets to later change how the 'spark' animation works", he commented.

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It's worth noting that in 2016, Dupuy shared a video of «Worm of Bemer», a port of a classic "snake" clone from its original BASIC version to assembly language, as well as «Fireballoon» and «Runway 180» - which are still awaiting their turn.

Undoubtedly, this initiative is not only a testament to the ingenuity, creativity, and passion of the Atari developer community but also a reminder of the innovation potential of classics from the 8-bit era.

Two Birds, One Stone for Atari 8-bit computers

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