Download | Final version of «Dungeon Adventurer» for Atari 8-bits

Get ready to draw your swords, raise your shields, and unveil the secrets that await in the dungeons of Palonor.

Following its brilliant debut at Last Party 2024, Daniel "dely" Koźmińsk (programming) and Piotr "Tatqoo" Świerszcz (music) presented the final version of «Dungeon Adventurer».

As previously reported on Atariteca, players embody Reynhard de Lorena, a brave knight tasked by the King of Palonor to embark on a mission to recover valuable treasures hidden in the deepest and darkest labyrinths.

This final version of the game significantly improves upon the one presented at the festival held in Licheń Stary (Poland) from January 4th to 7th. In addition to fixing numerous errors, new soundtracks have been added to accompany key moments.

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Likewise, the innovative functionality of codes has been introduced, allowing players to advance to the next level after overcoming each challenge. «Dungeon Adventurer» boasts 20 predefined levels that will test players' cunning and skill.

An Atari with 48KB RAM is required to embark on this epic adventure with a modern touch, ideal for players eager for an unparalleled experience.

Dungeon Adventurer - final version for Atari 8-bit computers

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