World Premiere of «Cyborg Warriors» for Atari 8-bits | Download

Krzysztof "Vega" Góra (Poland), renowned in the Atari community for his successful conversion projects, has completed his latest masterpiece: «Cyborg Warriors», originally released in 1991 for the BBC Micro.

«Cyborg Warriors» is a typical shoot 'em up game in the "fly right and shoot everything that moves and doesn't move" style, allowing simultaneous cooperation of two players. Compared to the classic «Zybex» (Zeppelin Games, 1988) for Atari, «Cyborg Warriors» provides a similar gaming experience and delight.

The game, originally written by Tony Oakden and published in 1991 by Superior/Acornsoft, was exclusively available for a series of British educational computers and sold only in a cassette compilation titled "Play It Again Sam 15," alongside «The Last Ninja 2», «Ricochet» y «Network».

«Cyborg Warriors» is a conversion of the game of the same name from BBC Micro to Atari XL/XE series computers. Thanks to the enhanced color capabilities of the Atari compared to the original version, this port is not only a faithful adaptation but also offers a visually stunning improvement.

The conversion process benefited from the same MOS 6502 processor architecture and similar graphic organization between the platforms. However, it's worth noting that, unlike BBC Micro, Atari 8-bits allows the use of graphics without the need for hardware sprites, simplifying the conversion.

For the Atari version, Krzysztof decided it would require a minimum of 128KB of RAM (as in the Atari 130XE), although a conversion for computers with 64KB of RAM was also possible. His vision was to surpass the BBC Micro version, using the additional memory for more graphics, colors, and to speed up the game. On Atari, drawing routines were optimized to increase the game speed, and the five-color graphic mode (equivalent to GR.12) was chosen to maximize Atari's color capabilities.

Meanwhile, the music is turned off during the game to use the four POKEY channels for sound effects, meaning that the Atari version has more sound effects than the original. «Cyborg Warriors» features a mode for up to two players simultaneously, as well as the essential cheats to activate more lives and weapons to face waves of enemy ships.

The conversion team includes Krzysztof "KAZ" Ziembik, who improved the graphics and conducted game testing; Michael "Miker" Szpilowski, responsible for the music and sound effects; Saberman, who tested the game for bugs and suggested improvements; and Giann Velasquez, another tester who contributed ideas to the game.

On the AtariOnline portal, "Vega" recalls that many interesting titles from BBC Micro could have been successfully created on Atari back then, but market rules did not favor it. With a track record that includes acclaimed conversions like «Yie Ar Kung Fu» (2006) and «Bomb Jack» (2008), along with a playable demo of «Civilization» from 1995, Krzysiek now adds this new title to his impressive repertoire.

Cyborg Warriors for Atari 8-bit computers

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