«Vexed», a new challenge for puzzle lovers on Atari 8-bits | Download

The world of Atari 8-bit video games enthusiastically welcomes "Vexed," a puzzle game that combines logic and strategy, ideal for fans of all ages.

In «Vexed», the goal is to move blocks to match them with others of the same type and make them disappear. Although the mechanics are simple, the difficulty increases progressively. The controls, intuitive and adapted for both keyboard and joystick, make «Vexed» a smooth and accessible experience.

Furthermore, the number of moves influences the score, aiming to achieve the lowest possible score. It is even possible to obtain negative scores, adding an additional layer of challenge when seeking more optimal solutions than the apparent ones.

Each level is a puzzle that requires a specific solution, with no room for random moves or guesses. Players will face challenges that will test not only their problem-solving skills but also their patience and persistence.

The Atari 8-bit version, created by Paul Chandler and distributed by Under4Mhz, takes advantage of the technical limitations of the platform to offer an authentic "retro" experience. Simplified graphics and chip-tune music are part of its charm, allowing players to focus on puzzles without distractions.

With a total of 59 levels, each named after songs by The Beatles, such as "In My Life" and "Revolution," the game invites a nostalgic and challenging experience.

«Vexed» is not just a puzzle game: it is an experience that tests the mind and reminisces about the essence of classic video games.

Vexed for Atari 8-bit computers

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