Revealed development of «XKobo» port for Atari 8-bits | Video

The gaming landscape of the Atari XL/XE series computers continues to expand with the arrival of «Kobo800», a work in progress by the renowned programmer Janusz "Shanti77" Chabowski.

This title takes inspiration from «XKobo», the acclaimed 2D shooter by Akira Higuchi, known for its frenetic, relentless, action-packed pace.

Originally developed by Higuchi in 1997 for the X Window system, «XKobo» stood out for its challenging gameplay mechanics that included multiple levels.

With a clear nod to «Bosconian» (Namco, 1981), the timeless multidirectional scrolling arcade shooter, players are tasked with destroying structures in each level, focusing their attacks on a vital purple bulb.

«Kobo800» is poised to deliver a gaming experience revolving around the destruction of labyrinthine space bases. The player's ability to navigate and eliminate targets in these complex environments is crucial, raising the level of challenge and excitement.

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Chabowski's track record in Atari 8-bit game development is impressive and noteworthy. His skill was demonstrated with the successful port of «Bosconian» in 2017, a feat that revitalized a classic on Atari computers.

Additionally, "Shanti77" has been at the forefront of «Trax» development, a vertically scrolling shooter game. But perhaps one of his most notable achievements was in 2022, with the adaptation for Atari 8-bit of «Commando» (Capcom, 1985), based on the code from the Commodore 64 version.