Growing anticipation for «Tony: Born for Adventure» | Video

With its stunning high-resolution graphics, «Tony: Born for Adventure» is an adventure platformer game that is generating great anticipation in the 8-bit computer gaming community.

First announced in September 2022, this title is in development for Atari XL/XE, Commodore C64, ZX Spectrum, and Amiga. The project is led by Vladimir "Popmilo" Janković (Serbia), along with Rafał Dudek (graphics) and Michal "Caruso" Brzezicki (music).

The inspiration behind «Tony» comes from the fascinating life of Tony Halik (1921-1998), born in Torun (Poland). He was a fighter pilot in the British RAF during World War II and joined the French Resistance after being shot down. His courageous actions earned him the esteemed French Croix de Guerre medal. After the war, Halik embarked on a three-decade career as an NBC correspondent, creating over four hundred documentaries, writing thirteen books, and contributing numerous newspaper articles.

Players will embark on a journey through five unique levels: the jungle, the swamp, Montezuma's castle, the catacombs, and the Aztec pyramid. Each level offers a variety of sprites tailored to its environment, ensuring a rich and varied visual experience.

One of the highlights of «Tony» is its impressive graphics. This new high-resolution game features simply spectacular visuals. Attention to detail is evident in every scene, immersing players in a captivating world.

«Tony: Born for Adventure» promises an immersive visual experience. In the Atari XL version, players will have the option to customize colors during gameplay, adding an extra dimension to the visual and auditory experience.

When the full game is available for sale, fans will have the opportunity to purchase very special souvenirs: black oak wood keychains. These wooden blocks, which have rested in the swamp for many years, will be included in the first batch of the game. Each of these keychains is handmade and entirely unique in its design.

More than just a platformer game, «Tony» is a tribute to a historical figure whose life was full of adventures and discoveries. With its release on multiple retro platforms, it promises to be a memorable experience for Atari 8-bit enthusiasts and beyond.