«Cosmic Hero 2»: The return of the hero on Atari 8-bits | Video

Two decades after saving the Earth, the protagonist of "Cosmic Hero" returns in an exciting sequel for Atari XL/XE series computers.

«Cosmic Hero 2» follows the tradition of its predecessor - released in 2004 by Zelax Group - and promises to immerse us in an adventure full of logical and arcade challenges: the fundamental mechanics of the original, inspired by the well-known Sokoban, are maintained, such as collecting "blobs" of liquid energy and deploying a cable to open the exit of the map. The player will embark on a mission through various planets, each with different graphics and music, expanding the first game in practically every aspect.

We control a space hero who must save Earth, a planet threatened by ecological disaster in the year 2393. To do this, we need to bring containers with a special nutrient from space. On each planet with containers, it is also necessary to connect the broken electrical circuit which, when activated, opens the door to the next level. It's not easy because the circuit pieces are scattered across a specific planet, and access to them is blocked by various objects... Fortunately, there is no time limit to solve the puzzles.

Planned features include extensive maps with horizontal and vertical scrolling; a full-screen play area; refined graphics in carefully selected colors; and a rich sound design that exploits the full capabilities of the Atari sound system. Additionally, a real-time calculated shadow effect and moving objects are promised to add arcade character to the game.

Lukasz "Pazur" Pazera (designer of the original game, prototype programmer, graphic designer, and author of some maps); Krzysztof "Święty" Święcicki (programmer on Atari); and Krzysztof "Foster" Bryła (soundtrack), are leading this project.

The game is being developed using modern tools, including the Unity engine for the prototype, which closely reflects what the final game will be and includes a board editor. Sound is created in Raster Music Tracker and recorded using real POKEY hardware, ensuring that all visual and sound design is faithful to the capabilities of the Atari ANTIC/GTIA chips.

It is worth noting that Pazera programmed the first "Cosmic Hero" in 1993, when he was only 14 years old; with the support of Święcicki, Bryła, and Jerzy "Dudek" Dukaj. In 2022, a collector's edition cartridge of the game was released, including a manual in Polish.

«Cosmic Hero 2» promises to be more than a sequel; it is a tribute to the golden age of video games and a renewed challenge for Atari 8-bit enthusiasts.